good-time guy or alcoholic?

Has your guy's drinking too far and tipped over from a social lubricant to something he can't live without? Does he:

1.Find he can't face an increasing number of situations, such as parties, uni presentations or work meetings without calming his nerves with a drink first?

2.Sneak drinks at home or seem unable to go without a drink at lunch?

3.Intend to have just one relaxing glass of wine or beer most nights with dinner, only to drink the whole bottle or six-pack of Heineken?

4.Often drink to the point where his personality changes or he can't remember what he did?

5.Ever have a alcohol to calm a panic attack or shakes?

6.Appear anxious, out of control or aggressive if he runs out of alcohol at home?

7.Often call in sick to work because he's severely hung over that he need to stay in bed?

8.Keep mints or toothbrush and toothpaste at work or in his car to mask the smell of alcohol?

9.Wipe himself out binge drinking every time you socialise?

10.Sometime resolve to give up drinking or drink way less, but can only go without a drop for a couple of days?

If you answered "YES" to two of these questions, it's highly likely your boyfriend has a dependency on alcohol. Seek professional advice and support from a drug and alcohol counsellor.

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