It's all in your genes!

Scientists have found that your DNA influences more than just your physical make-up!

1.Sweet tooth.
Why is it that some of us fine it harder to resist sweet foods than others? There's an explanation: the gene in our brain which tells us that we've had enough to eat is less sensitive to glucose in certain folks, states a study by the University of Toronto. These people often have a higher BMI.

Susceptibility to tress doesn't run in families, but how you react to it does. Unchecked level of stress can activate genes that increase inflammation in those with heart disease and that in part explains why certain diseases run in the family.

If you often feel sad, you may have a short version of the 5-HTTLPR gene which indicates that you're the non-confrontational type. Since feeling blue is linked with heart disease and impaired immunity, learn to cope by asking yourself: Is my respone appropriate? Can my situation be improved? Or is taking action worth it?

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