He probably has plans to dump you if he..

# hasn’t called you back for days

# Gives you the silent treatment most of the time

# Asked for his key back he says he needs to get another spare cut (the excuse sounds very suspect).

# Would rather watch tellie than have sex.

# Suggested you have a few weeks break from each other

# Has gone away on holiday and hasn’t called.

# Is spending more time with his mates than you.

# Suddenly has to “work late” most nights.

# Keep making comments like “don’t get too attached to me”
or “I’m a bachelor at heart”

# Never spends the night any more after you’ve made love.


He’s dumped you but that doesn’t mean you have to feel like a FOOL. Hit him with the right comeback and walk away with your head held high.

HE SAYS: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

YOU SAY: “Yes I can see that – you have so many emotional problems I would have needed to be a counselor to make this work.”

HE SAYS: “I’m just not ready to get serious yet.”

YOU SAY: “That’s such a relief – although I am ready to get serious I was worried you might think I wanted to get serious with you.”

HE SAYS: “I just need some space for a while”

YOU SAY: “The timing of this couldn’t be better – I’ve just met a guy I really like – So I’d like to ha a break as well because he’s really hot and I want to get to know him better.”

HE SAYS: “We’re just not well suited.”

YOU SAY: “It’s true –we’re not right for each other – I’m looking for a guy with a sense of humour, intelligence, communication skills and openness in the bedroom – and you’re definitely not him.”

HE SAYS: “Our relationship has lost its spark.”

YOU SAY: “Don’t feel bad – What I felt for you was only lust so now that’s on the wane, I’m ready to find another lover.”

HE SAYS: “I would love to stay friends.”

YOU SAYS: “I don’t really think we can be friends – you don’t have any of the qualities I look for in a lasting relationship. But thanks anyway for the sentiment.”


Leave The Office said...

Hehehehe. Your blog is great! I had a lot of laughs reading it. I can't believe any guy would want to dump you if you are as funny as this. I think a girl who likes to laugh a lot is great.

Keep writing!

Catherine Bugi said...

Hehehe.. Thanks! You also a funny guy enjoying reading something that you should take note as a real MAN.

Only womanizer will read this blog sound funny. But I hope you're not the one.


Robinson Unau said...

What is the main reason a guy or a girl dump his/her partner?
Not compatible?Boring?No chemistry or etc?
Or is it all about destiny?
This person is so nice to u and never want to let u down...but,every day seems like the same is anyday.
While...when u are with someone else..u always feel happy and he/she always spice up your life.Eventhough sometime he/she break your heart and make you feel angry or discomfort.
The bottom line...personally,i think..it is about compatibility and chemistry that tie the feeling and soul of the couple..
Yes..of course,destiny play some part of it..even just a little bit..:)

Catherine Bugi said...

I never wanted the best man in this world to be my partner. As long as I'm happy, love and to be loved that should be enough to start another episode of my love story.

-never take sum1 4 granted,hold every person close to ur heart becuz u might wake up 1 day and realize that u've lost a diamond while u were too bz collecting stones- xnessya (rp.com)


dellyne said...