Traditional Iban Snack During Festive Seasons

Look familiar to you..? The look might be the same but the taste a bit different depends on how they mix the ingredients. Will Update you on how the making process soon.


Natural Fibre Body Scrub Traditionally use in Borneo

It's very popular among Iban women in Sarawak, East Malaysia (Borneo Land). They use this fibre scrub during shower. To use it just wet the fibre scrub and put some shower cream at the surface, brush lightly on your skin. The result is, the dead skin cells will be removed and you will fell so fresh. The most critical areas like ankle, elbow and at the back need this kind of scrub.

To make it long lasting always keep it dry after using it. I prefer cut it into 5cm-8cm so that easy to hold and scrubbing the part of our body and you can save more. 

If you want this product I can be your supplier. It's a lot in my place. Just email to me or drop your comment here. :))


Real Handmade Patchwork Blanket From Borneo

Piece by piece to make it done like this. It's took about 3 months to complete this blanket. How much you want to buy this? Give me your suggestion prices.