Money Stretchers

When paying off your debts, work with whatever amount you have right now and make it stretch as far as possible...
  • Make a list of all outstanding bills.
  • Note due dates and grace periods.
  • Pay your bills only at the end of their grace periods A computer won't care that you paid on the last possible day.
  • Pay only the minimum due, but pay something on all of your bills.
  • Don't pay all of one bill and only some of the others.
  • Don't charge anything on a due-in-30-days basis. Try to arrange credit over a longer period.
  • If it looks like your money problems will last a while, send a note to the people you owe when you make part-payment. Keep it brief and to the point; "I'm experiencing problems that should be resolved soon. Here is part-payment. I will pay the full amount as soon as I can.

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Anamika said...

Nice Tips! With several jobs been cut and food prices increased we need ways to stretch our money.