Delicious Fatty worm!

Want to try some?? It cost $0.30 per head..


Iban Borneo Traditional Costumes

Costumes like no others! We're proud of it. Loves to share it worldwide! 


Iban Tradition with the Musical Instruments..

Nowadays, this kind of tradition is almost existent.. Sad.. :(( 

Borneo Harvest Festival 2012

My Sister in law wearing Iban Costume and Accessories..


Handmade Pad Keeper USD10.00/pc

Convenient and pocket size..

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HANDMADE Clutch (Polka Dot + Lace) USD15.00

My Favorite Color


Mommy's Love- Wording Tee Girls USD10.00/pc

                                                                              Available: Age 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, 5Y
                                                         Colour: PURPLE, BROWN, PINK, DARK PURPLE, LILAC
                                                                   Wholesale Price USD8.00 X 5pcs =USD40.00
                                                **For Color Selection please email to me at qumang@gmail.com

USD18.00/pc Size Available : 3-6.6-9.9-12.12-18.18-24M

Sizes Available
Wholesale price with the minimum order is 5pcs X USD15 =USD75. Drop your comment here for order detail or email to me at qumang@gmail.com.