6 signs he's bored with you in bed..

>>A certain day of the week means it's time to do IT.

>> The positions never vary.

>> Ditto locations.

>> He closes his eyes more than he used to as he's no longer getting off on the visuals. Instead, he's using his imagination and you probably ain't in it.

>> He now waits until the end of TV shows t make his move.

>> He no longer looks that upset when you're not in the mood.


Nooyawka said...

You can't fool me. The list is something you read in a book. It never happened to you! Right?

sstarfox2 said...

I'm not sure that these are signs that he's bored with you in bed. They might be however there may be other reasons that result in the same outcome for example if you live with him in a house full of people he may be hard put to come up with unique locations that still afford the proper amount of privacy. All I'm saying is think about the situation before you jump to conclusions. And when in doubt ask him.
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Catherine Bugi said...

All this thing can be happened to me and you as well. The info is for all, men or women.

Btw thanks for your comment.


Anonymous said...

You forgot:

7. He says he isn't tired and stays up late so the whole sex at bedtime issue is avoided.

Lizette said...

I don't quite agree. Women read too much into a man's every move - no pun intended. I am writing a book on this topic at the moment.Men are not that shallow - give them some credit. I am a woman by the way. Check out my site at www.adigc.com

reyna elena said...

I agree with lizette! I am a.. well, what am i?! *checking my undies*


I am not what I thought I was!!!!


Monkey Boy said...

Sounds about right to me.

Joseph Querijero said...

The right question really is, is he still in love with you, or is the sex just isn't exciting anymore?

In one book of Umberto Eco, there's a line, "we do it(sex) out of habit."