HEALTH HAZARD You can Stop Stressing about..

Newspapers print so many scary headlines these days, we're not even sure we can drink water without contracting cancer. But should we believe them all? Read on and find out.

FACT: Salt can cause strokes
Let's face it, dousing our food with salt is almost as Malaysian bad traffic. But with a majority of the population consuming double the recommended daily amount of salt - that's 6g per day - does our sprinkling addiction mean we're risking our health? The answer's YES, according to reports that claim too much salt can cause strokes. So should we eat our fries au naturel?

"Well, salt is one of the risk factors that contribute to high blood pressure, which can increase your risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke," says Claire Williams, a nutrition scientist. "The real problem is that salt's hidden in almost all processed foods - from biscuits to ready meals to tomato sauce." So always check the salt content on food labels, and avoid adding more when you're cooking. But don't worry, just because you're in salt rehab doesn't mean you have to go cold turkey or chicken with the pepper!

FICTION: Oh yes, milk gives you cancer too..
After years of glugging litres of the white stuff to what off brittles bones, recent stories claimed that milk had joined the long list of carcinogens, which got us all confused. According to reports, one glass a day - the equivalent of the amount of milk found in regular latte - can double the risk of developing ovarian tumors. So should dairy be struck off the menu?

"Not at all," says Williams. This study, by scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, is one of a number being carried out to investigate the possible cause of ovarian cancer. But so far they haven't been able to prove that drinking milk causes the disease." So why all the fuss?

"The study showed an association between milk and ovarian cancer, which basically means the women they tested drank a lot of milk had developed ovarian cancer," says Williams. "But that doesn't mean milk caused the cancer." But before you lay off the lattes to be on the safe side remember that, according to health experts, milk's still a great source of calcium and other essential nutrients, like Omega-3, all of which help keep your heart healthy and protect against breast and colon cancer.

FACT: Heart disease is the biggest killer out there..
Getting breast cancer used to be most women's Number One fear, especially with celebs like Anastacia and Kylie Minoque proving it can strike young. But then we were told there's a far bigger threat out there - heart disease. So would we really be more worried about that? "Truth is, women are four times more likely to die of heart disease than of breast cancer. But the good news is you can easily reduce the risk by sticking a healthy diet, exercising for 30 minutes at lease three times a week, and staying within the recommended weight limit for your height. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are also factors, so get your GP to check you over. And learn to relax!" says Dr Sarah Brewer, author of The Ultimate Stress Buster.

FICTION: Deodorant can cause breast cancer
No one wants to ruin their best dress with sweat patches, but reports linking chemicals used in deodorants - like aluminum - to breast cancer left us with a dilemma. Are we really risking our health by rolling on? Relax: The best medical evidence suggest not.

"The only scientific study that's looked directly at this question, conducted by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle, did not find any association between anti-perspirant use and a risk of breast cancer," says Dr Tim Key from Cancer Research UK. So why the panic? Well, another study found a higher incidence of breast cancer near the underarm, which led to people jumping to the conclusion that deodorant was to blame. But it's never been proved!



HURT Alert!

Don't set yourself up to be hurt in your next relationship. Minimise the chances of a romance ending badly by:
Trusting your intuition: If the guy you're seeing is a serial flirt or has a tendency to talk only about himself, don't ignore it - take a walk now before you get into deep.

Taking your time: Don't rush into having sex or revealing your entire life history to a guy you've just met - wait until you know each other much better - then you can be sure he deserves to have this level of intimacy with you.

Being honest: Once you've been together for a few months, make it clear that you're not in the market for a fling - and ask him how he feels about that. If he runs a mile you'll immediately know there was no future in the relationship anyway.

Giving him space: Resist the temptation to smother him in an effort to make the relationship work. Be cool about giving him his space - and he won't get scared off due to a fear that you're trying to take over his life.

Keeping quiet about past disasters in love: Don't tell him that you've been dumped a millions times - it will encourage him to see you as a victim and he may start to treat you like one. Wait until you've been together in a committed relationship for quite some time before you open up about those previous ill-fated romances.

Seeing yourself: Avoid pretending you're someone you're not just to please him - eventually when yours true colors show there's a chance he will either feel irritated that you were not being straight with him or will feel he can't trust you and break off the relationship.


Exercising and intimacy..

If good health isn't a good enough reason to exercise, what about improving your sex life? Recent studies have found a direct correlation between physical inactivity and a lack of potency. Here's what you'll need to get the most out of your sex life.
For exciting and and enthusiastic sex,
you'll need cardio endurance since it won't be any fun if you bonk out halfway through. Do three or four days of cardio activity like running, walking, swimming or whatever floats your boat and your partner will thank you for it.

Sex also requires a little muscular stamina.
You may find yourself holding unusual positions for short periods of time, so conditioning your body can be a plus for loger-lasting sex. For endurance, you'll need to lift lighter weights for more repetitions.

Flexibility can enhance anyone's sex life
by making it a bit easier to get into your favorite position with a minimum of fuss. Why not try a little yoga to get you in the mood.

Exercise, along with a healthy diet,
and adequate sleep can boost your libido so you're up for anything! Also, don't forget that sex burns calories!

Online JOB Scam alert!

Looking for a job online? Beware of scam artists who are now posting phoney recruitment ads on reputable job search sites to get your MONEY or your IDENTITY. Heed these red flags:

Requires money upfront. Unless you're starting your own business, you should not have to invest any money on a job. Also don't give out any personal financial details over the phone or via email. Scammers will sometimes try to get your info as soon as you respond to their ads. One tactic is requiring direct deposit into upfront. An employers need your time and skills, not your money.

Makes outrageous claims. Don't bother with ads that offer high income for little or no experience. For example, $2000 per week to fill envelopes is a sure scam. A legit employer aims to narrow responses by detailing requisite skills and experience.

Contact is a public email. Avoid job ads that list contact under free account like Yahoo! or Hotmail. These services can be used anonymously which is what scam artistes prefer. If you get a respond by phone, never give out personal or financial details. An employer can find more about you during an interview. If the representative pressures you to do business over the phone, refuse and hang up.


6 signs he's bored with you in bed..

>>A certain day of the week means it's time to do IT.

>> The positions never vary.

>> Ditto locations.

>> He closes his eyes more than he used to as he's no longer getting off on the visuals. Instead, he's using his imagination and you probably ain't in it.

>> He now waits until the end of TV shows t make his move.

>> He no longer looks that upset when you're not in the mood.

CAREER COACH: Business Babble

Understanding corporate-speak can feel a little like learning a foreign language. Here are some common phrase you should know:

Core competency: The thing or the organization are good at.

Disconnect: A misunderstanding or breakdown in communication.

Drill down: Get more information and elaborate on the details.

Smell test: Looking into an idea or product to see it really does have good potential.

I'm crashing and burning: I'm busy

We need more headcount: More people are needed to get the job done.

Brain dump: Getting down information that's in your head - whether to handover a job to someone or brainstorm for new ideas.

Value-add: The idea or product or person is a good thing for the company.

Up-selling: Selling something to a client or customer that they don't really need.

Take it off-line: Talk amongst yourself about it later.

Low-hanging fruits: Easy openings or opportunities for new business.

Cubicled: To get demoted

Circle back: Get back to me.

Drink from the fire-host: To learn as much as possible about the subject in only a short period of time (this used to be called "getting up to speed")


Cash$Career: Super Saver!

If your check-out sum at the grocery takes too big a bite out of your pocket, try these cost-effective shopping list.

A hungry shopper is greedy shopper, dashing through supermarket food isles grabbing anything in sight that looks good enough to pacify their hunger at the moment. More often then not, you end up buying things you end up not eating. So shop when your tum not growling.

MAKE A LIST. The tried-and-true practice of coming up with a shopping list is never overrated. Here's how to go about it: Decide on a realistic budget and make a list, a long one if you will. Go through it again, then slash out whatever you can do without.

LEARNS TO COOK QUICK AND EASY MEALS. Cooking at home is definitely cheaper, but most of us don't have the time to do it. If your definition of a home-cooked meal is instant noodles or sachet soup, it's time you learned to whip up easy-to-prepare proper meals. Just browse the shelves of a bookstore and you'll find plenty of cookbooks to inspire you.

BUY EGGS. Eggs last longer than veggies, are cheaper than meat and packed with vitamins, Plus they're versatile enough to make great meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert!

IT'S OFFICIALLY: Money Makes People Selfish!

Researchers at the Carlson School Of Management at the University of Minnesota found that when money is around, people are more motivated towards achieving theirs goals and become less cooperative. The concept of money, they suggest, makes a person feel more self-sufficient and thus more apt to stand alone.

In one experiment, subjects exposed to concept of money via a word puzzle task were later less helpful to a person in need. "The mere present of money changes people," comments Kathleen Vohs, the leader of the study. Exposure to the money, or concept of the money, elevates a sense of self-sufficiency. People don't want to be a burden on others."

According to the results of the study, pictures of money, a tip lying on the table, thinking about your holiday bonus - all of these make people behave self-sufficiently. The results also indicate that these people also work longer before asking for help, are less helpful to the others, and prefer to play and work alone.

In addition, people who are exposed to the concept of the money can even put more physical distance between themselves and a new acquaintance compared to people who are not reminded of money.

All this may explain why the topic of money can seriously affect relationships between friends and lovers. As long as people want to be self-centered, there is little room for sharing or giving others.

"It's not malicious," says Vohs. "People are focused on their own goals -but unfortunately not others."