Why it's cool to be warm..

If you want to be happier, turn up your inner central heating. That's because it's the warm and affectionate among us who truly attract fulfilling opportunities.
You can buy sex appeal. you can learn charm. But genuine warmth is worth much more - after all, it's all about having a relaxed attitude and not taking yourself too seriously. warm women give the impression that what you see is what you get(WYSIWYG), that you are seeing the 'real' them.
Warm women don't pretend to be something they're not. Which is why so few women under 30 exude true warmth. In our 20s, we're too self-absorbed and too busy promoting an image the world will approve of.
But as we grow older, so does our ability to radiate warmth. Warmth is one truly alluring quality that is more easily accessed with each successive birthday. And yes, we should be cultivating this asset. Why? In tough times like these - with an economic recession, depressing job cuts and gloomy news headlines - real warmth carries us through.
In difficult times, warmth is wonderful shortcut - it helps you engage with people and forge firm relationships quickly when you're under pressure. Good relationships are the foundation of business success and personal happiness. People with natural warmth should realise what a wonderful gift it is - and how silly it would be not to let it show.
Warmth will also open doors as it is the gateway to a bulging contacts list. For women especially, our natural warmth is a great ally in more productive networking.
There are three body-language signals that convey warmth - smiling, nodding and being tactile - which are magnified in warm people. Smiling is an unequivocal sign of approval. Nodding is more interesting: Even if you are verbally disagreeing with someone, they'll feel that you approve of them and feel warmer towards you - as long as you're nodding at the same time.
If you want to be memorable, let your warmth flow through. You never know whether the next person you heat up will be the one to introduce you to that new job, friend or opportunity.


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