Are You a reckless driver?

And don't know it yet? Steer clear of these common errors and you'll help make our roads safer.
Does this sound familiar - you're in your car, cruising down the road when a distracted driver almost knocks into you. Imagine your rage. Now, what if the situation were reversed and you were the reckless one?
One the worst things about driving is losing control, especially when you're in close proximity with a reckless driver. You could be a safest driver around, but if put in this situation, things could get bad. This is why it is important to practise defensive driving.
We often unwittingly put ourselves in dangerous driving situations. Not only are we harming ourselves, we're also endangering others. And bad habits that may seem insignificantly could potentially be the most dangerous.
So, are you are reckless driver? Here are some bad habits you need to avoid..
  • Staying too close to the car in front
  • Poor overtaking
  • Picking up a call
  • Not signaling
  • Over-confidence
  • Tailgating
  • Hogging the middle and outside lane, holding up others drivers
  • Not sticking to speed limits, going either too slow or too fast
  • Using the wrong lane at roundabouts
  • Changing lanes constantly, cutting into another driver's lane
  • Cutting corners
  • Leaving the headlight beam ON.

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