Need specific self, career or relationship advice?

Here are some tips from the experts.

Self: Reaching our potential is something we should all strive towards - and, in reality, it's a lifelong project. Aim high and remember that this can be measured in variety of ways, including health, happiness, financial security, purpose and quality relationships. We all need to look after ourselves, but we don't want to be selfish. Similarly we want to love and care for others, but not at the expense of our own health and happiness. Real contentment can be achieved by balancing the two.

Career: Be realistic; as there may not be as many opportunities available at the moment. rather than abandon all your goals , focus on you career values. Identify what's important to you: Money? Helping people? Flexibility? Feeling challenged? Then look at your current circumstances to find ways of working towards these mini-targets. If assisting people is important, investigate a mentoring programmed; if you you want to feel more challenged in your job, ask for more complex work. Being proactive pays off!

Relationships: The most successful people in life will have better-quality relationships and more of them. They actively focus on developing, fostering and maintaining those relationships in their life that are important. They do this by do this: focusing more on the positives in others; being clear about the nature and purpose of each relationship; frequently praising others; and communicating more effectively. So brush up on these skills and you'll reap the rewards.


Heather said...

this is very good advice thank you

Nancy said...

Well i need to talk something about relationships here i would like to share the 1 thing that play important role in relationships- money matters
both in a positive and a negative way

At times couples are squabbing over money matters, and their relationships affects
a lot because of this. i too was one of the victim to this and i was adviced by one of my friend to get rid of this and i did ...

Money and Relationships