Quit Scheming, Get Ahead Without Stooping Low!

DON'T TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED. Be clear about what is expected of you in your job. Sit with your boss to discuss Key Performance Indicator. It is advisable to do a six-month review to share opinion and get feedback on your performance.

KNOW YOURSELF. You need to know yourself to manage yourself, and your career, better. A useful exercise is to define who you are as a brand. Do a reality check with a simple Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) analysis of yourself. See where you stand now and where you want to be. What do people think of you? All strong brands have a consistent, distinct image. What is yours?

KNOW YOUR CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE. Start with the people you work directly: your internal bosses, peers, subordinates and external partners. Extend this to others you work with indirectly - your boss's boss, your client's boss, your suppliers, etc. They all have a direct or indirect influence on your career. What is your relationship with them like? How are you perceived?

BE POSITIVE. Positive people tend to have more ideas and solutions. They are wired to be optimistic and forward-thinking, seeing opportunity rather than blocks. This optimism tends to be infectious and attracts others to you.

LESS TALK, MORE ACTION. In reverse, your credibility will be questioned. Act quickly and decisively. Make a stand when needed and help others carry the day. All these are signs of a good leader.

BE AGILE. Today's changing work environment requires you to adapt and be comfortable crossing boundaries. Don't wait to be instructed or settle for the normal path. Instead, show initiative and be nimble.

BEHAVE PROFESSIONALLY. In your daily dealings with clients and colleagues. Don't allow personal issues or grudges to creep into your work, e.g. preferential treatment or being difficult because you don't like the person. Getting ahead has a lot to do with managing your circle of influence - build credit and recognise the value of working with people. What goes around comes around!

LIFE IN THE OFFICE - New Kid On The Block

Great Ideas And Thoughts To Make That Job A Little Easier.

You landed that new job that's a step higher up the corporate ladder. It's the first day on the job. You're excited, but also a little anxious. Not surprising really. You'd be dealing with new surroundings, colleagues, and expectations. Here are the tips;

Be Aware.
Get a feel of how the place works - the layout, the culture, the rules, the pecking order, etc. Is it the formal or informal? Find out the dress code before you start.

Get Comfortable. Bring momentos that put you at the ease. Personalise your working area, but take care not to break any rules.

Integrate. Be friendly and courteous to co-workers. Get on the office grapevine, but don't contribute to gossip.

Communicate. If you have doubts about your new task and assignments, ask. Make sure that you know what is expected of you so that you can deliver.



Dance around the most common love potholes couple fall into and say ta-ta to fights and failed relationships.

1) SETTING UP HOUSE TOO QUICKLY. It's quite common for couples to become very besotted, very quickly. The problem is, for the first three to 18 months of most relationships, people have their loved-up glasses on and can't make sensible decisions. When couples first meet, they're influenced by a need to hold on onto that someone special. They often see what they want to see and don't make time for important conversations about what they really want. So what can you do?
Make a different commitment, like holidaying together to test the waters first. Also, map out your future plans to make sure you're on the same page. It may sound scary, but it's better to know now than later. The ingredients for a strong relationship are trust and congruence, and these don't develop overnight - these things take time.

2) MAKING COMPARISON. Everyone's relationship is different and making comparison is pointless. Not only does it take the focus away from your own relationship, but they're often wrong. Just because the couple look perfect doesn't mean they still are behind closed doors. The binding glue of any relationship is friendship, interest, affection and enjoyment. You really have to focus on these four things if you're going to make your union work. Talk to your partner about any concerns, think positively and do things outside your comfort zone. Making comparisons and laying blame is just lazy.

3) SEEING EVERYTHING FROM ONLY ONE SIDE. Not listening to each other is a huge problem for many couples. They're so busy defending their point of view that they forget to resolve the issue at hand. Writing your thoughts in a letter, talking through problems and staying good-humoured is the key to having an equal relationship. Don't make mountains out of small issue; it takes a confident person to accept other people's opinions.

4) FORGETTING TO LIVE IN THE MOMENT. If you ask a troubled couple what's missing from their relationship, they'll say quality time. Most people sacrifice "couple time" when they should be doing the exact opposite. Slow yourself down and don't analyse too often. We all make mistakes; the trick to a love-filled life is putting time into overcoming them.



@ You struggle to return her calls. It's too much of an effort.

@ You find yourself wanting to talk to someone else after a tough day/an interesting date/a fight with a colleague.

@ She's not one of the first people whose birthday you write down in your new diary.

@ You realise after a while that you haven't seen her new paint effect in her lounge. Less than a year ago, you would've been painting the walls with her.

@ She seem a little too fascinated by your new man, a little too uninterested in your new job.

@ Her new passion in life just doesn't excite you.

@ You find the fact that she gets jealous of your other attachments a little unnerving.

@ You disagree, quite harshly, about a money issue.

@ She needs too much attention, and you feel you're not getting enough.

@ She tells a mutual friend your darkest secret - and gets irritated when you confront her.

THE NEW CORPORATE GAMES - What's Going On In The Career World Today?

We're discovers how the corporate culture of companies isn't how it used to be. People forget that the higher you climb, the harder your job becomes. There'll be more people to deal with, more responsibilities to look into, and more challenges to face up to. To survive this would be by having to make more mistake and to trudge through more sticky situations, so you need to be brave.

1) Back in the 80s, successful career women were as stiff as the power suits they wore.

2) In fact, the mainstream attire pretty much personified how women are suppose to think, be and act.

3) Thankfully, over the years, thing have changed. Today, the challenge for women has little to do with how we project ourselves physically, rather it's more a mental feat - and it's not easy.

4) For one, success no longer means adding digits to your pay cheque, instead it's knowing how to balance your sanity and stress levels.

5) It's also making the decisions that are right for you , even if it means saying no to a promotion in exchange for a family or less stress.

6) The corporate culture has changed - and like it or not, you need to know the rules in order to cope.

MAKING IT WORK @ HOME - The Commom Pitfalls Of Going Solo

1) No Homework Done. It's essential to gather as much info as you can about your type of business to see if the idea will take off. Research similar businesses, unearth your competition, and figure out your target market. Visit conferences and trades shows, and surf the internet.

2) Ignorant of legalities. The legalities of starting a home business such as tax payments and exemptions can get complicated. Instead of stressing yourself, why not employ a tax consultant's service to offer you advice on managing your finances?

3) No Support System. Working and living under the same roof is going to interfere with your family's dynamics. Their support is important to your success. They need to help you juggle responsibilities and boost your confidence when your spirits are down.

4) Insufficient Saving. If you've always had a regular pay cheque, your income will take a steep nosedive when you first start out on your own. That's why you need to have at lease six month's pay for financial security.

5) Not Written A Mission Statement. Define your business and its goal in three months, six months and a year from now. Having a mission helps keep you on track when you might get lost sometimes in the madness of it all.

6) Failing To Organise. This is where years of meeting office deadlines come in handy. Being your own boss can be tricky when you're a procrastinator. Hang a production schedule on the wall to make sure you stick to set deadlines! Don't get backlogged in bookkeeping by sending out invoices promptly. Clients may take up to 90 days to pay, and you'll be out of the income even longer if you delay in billing them. Keep a logbook on expenses to make sure overheads are covered.

7) Being Too Timid About Negotiating. Don't sell yourself short, but don't price your products or service out of the market either. Check around and be competitive so you know you're being paid enough.


What Kind Of Spender Am I?

1) The Extravagant Spender. The one who always picks up the tab at the hippest joints and has the latest gadgets. Money meant power to you. DOWNSIDE: Others see you as a "show off" or take your generousity for granted. It's hard for you to find true friends. CHANGE: If you're gonna foot the bill, make sure it's for a special occasion to celebrate or treat the person with an occasion to celebrate - not their entire entourage.

2) The Overboard Giver. Someone who often splurges on lavish gifts for others. Money means gaining acceptance from others. DOWNSIDE: You can send the wrong message - that you're overeager to please or have ulterior motives. CHANGE: Give simple yet tasteful gifts, but only when there's an occasion. Small gestures will often do, such as baking brownies.

3) The Self-Centered Spender. You spend beyond your means buying the best of everything. Money may mean you can buy self-worth. :DOWNSIDE You keep buying bigger and better things to make yourself better. CHANGE: Control your spending but give yourself a small reward once in a while for your progress.


Fast Facts To Help You Beat The CLOCK, With No STRESS!

Get The Kids To Sit Still
* And teach them how to enjoy spending time at the Dinner Table too.
Remember that your tot's attention span will last 15 minutes max, with your pre-schooler's lasting a little longer. So if you expecting them to sit through your elaborate three-course meal, you may end up disillusioned, not to mention frustrated. Use these tips to keep their attention and make mealtimes memorable.

> AVOID DISTRACTIONS. Turn Off the TV or video games during mealtime. You may be tempted to keep the TV on so he can watch as you feed him, but this actually distracts him from his own body signals, and he won't be able to tell if he's hungry or full.

> WATCH THE SNACKS. If he's not hungry at the dinner, check if he's been fed a snack too close to mealtime. Try to have a two-hour gap between snack and mealtimes then.

> START SMALL. Get your child to stay at the table for small periods of time, and gradually increase this as he grows up. Try to include him in your conversations as well. This shows you value him as part of the family, no matter how young.

> LEARN TO SHARE. Show your children equal respect by offering them five minutes each to talk about their day. If they know they will get their chance to share, they will wait their turn and not leave the table. Or try a word game: for example, name a category, like fruits, and each person takes turns naming something in that category after a taking bite. 

> WHEN DINING OUT. If you've already started a stay-at-the-table habit at home. it's likely the children will behave better at a restaurant. You can let them pack a colouring book or a toy they can play with while they wait for their meal as an appetiser so it comes first. Keep them occupied with a game like "I Spy" too.