Drink Damage Control

Drinking until you're tipsy or drunk is not good for your brain or body, so help your guy keep his drinking under control (and cut back on your alcohol intake too). To avoid overdoing it when you're out socilising, slash the amount you both drink by:

AVOIDING SALTY FOODS: As well as being high in fat, they create thirst, which you will then tend to quench with more alcohol.

ORDERING HALF 'N HALF: E.g. half champagne/half orange juice, a spritzer (wine mixed with the tonic water) or a "spacer" - a soft drink or iced water after every glass of beer or wine.

AVOIDING SPIRITS AND COCKTAILS: Their alcohol content is higher, particularly if combined with fizzy mixers which send them into the bloodstream more rapidly.

THINKING SMALL: Ask for the barman to pour no more than a 100ml glass of wine or a half nip of spirits.

EATING FIRST: By making sure you're had a good meal or at the very least, a breadroll before you drink, you will metabolise alcohol a little more slowly and are less likely to get tipsy, throw caution to the wind and get drunk.
STEERING CLEAR OF HAPPY HOUR: If the drinks cheaper you're likely to have more.

EMPTYING YOUR GLASS: Don't allow anyone to top up your glass before you finish it or you'll quickly lose track.

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