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Get it down in writing

Blogging, journaling - call it what you want, writing or typing out of your thoughts and feelings helps your body more than you know!

Penning your feelings down before bedtime brings about relaxation that help promote sleep.

Writing about emotional topics such as missing your boyfriend helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate, keeping your ticker in better shape.

A month of expressive writing can help reduce hypertension. You may feel worse at first when writing about your worries, so keep at it for at least three days till you pass that phase.

Expressive writing may encourage production of white blood cells, which fight infection, suggest researchers from the University of Texas at Austin. That translates to fewer flu-inflicted days!


Germy Hot spots!

Sniff. Cough. Ah-choo! Another day wasted cos you're sick? From your toothbrush to the boyfriend's lips, you'd be surprised where bacteria like to hang out.

1.The toilet (Bacteria alert: Low)
Yes, there are plenty of bacteria in, on, and around toilets (mostly faecal bacteria such as E.coli). In fact some public toilets that are cleaned daily may be cleaner than ours at home! But the likelihood of you falling sick from any commode? Slim to almost none. As long as you wash your hands, those bugs won't make their way into your mouth and digestive tract, where they could cause diarrhoea. The germiest part of a toilet? It's the underside of the seat, which gets splashed with toilet water each time you flush. so if the seat is up, use tissue to put it down.

2.Your shower (Bacteria alert: High)
That pinkish slime that forms on your bathroom walls, tub or shower curtains is serratia marcescens, the germ that can cause UTI or pinkeye if it gets to your urethra or eyes when you're taking a bath/shower! To prevent this disgusting film from forming, scrub your bathroom surfaces once a week. If you notice telltale signs of pink slime on your shower stall or shower curtain, do replace them - stat!

3. Money (Bacteria alert: Medium)
Over 50 million bacteria cells including E.coli and Staph often lurk on money, but they won't make sick.

4.Your mobile phone (Bacteria alert: Low)
The average mobile phone is crawling with 300 more times germs than a public toilet seat, according to a survey conducted by a Dial-a-phone (a UK-based mobile phone shop)! The irradiated heat of mobile phone's interior make bacteria flourish, and what's worse , there are kept in warm areas such as your bags and pockets. Mobile phones contain the most skin bacteria, and since most of the bugs are yours, they can't really hurt you. Just wash your hands if you've used someone else mobile phone.

5. Your toothbrush (Bacteria alert: High)
Microscopic droplets of moisture can fly up to a whopping 20 feet when you flush, so whatever that's in your toilet bowl can eventually land on the fine bristles on your toothbrush. Eeuw! Keep your toothbrush head in a plastic cap that you can buy from the pharmacy or inside the bathroom cabinet.To kill off many germs, let your toothbrush dry out in between uses.


5 hints he's gonna put a ring on it!

He's been acting strange lately? His awkward behaviour may just be pre-proposal jitters! Here are more clues:

  1. He's ultra-helpful! A sudden interest in your fave brand of bedsheets is him trying to prove he's hubby material. Before he pops the question, he'll subconsciously try to show off his domestic side so you see him as a potential husband.
  2. He talk himself up. It's instinctual for men to be breadwinners even if you have a great career and income level. He'll frequently point out his abilities in the weeks leading up to the proposal such as casual hints regarding his upcoming ginormous bonus.
  3. He behaves like you've just started dating. Planning a proposal reignites that new love buzz for most men similar to when he first fell for you. It could be flowers and elaborate dates for no reason at all!
  4. He quizzes you. If he's been asking random questions, e.g. your fave childhood memory, he may be gathering info to plan the perfect proposal! Not only does he want it to be special, he know your friends will ask, 'How did he do'?
  5. He's into the details. Even if he's positive you'll say yes, he's still terrified of pulling off the feat. If he freaks out about being on time for dinner, or he's borderline aggressive when he insists you order champagne, it's possible he's got something sparkly up his sleeve or in his pocket! 


Do you have a good manners?

Because polite people won't tell you you're rude. Find out if you're more brat than debutante.

1.Social Light
You're no need of further refinement. Deftly using decorum to manoeuvre yourself through all shorts of tight spots, you have an uncanny way of putting anybody at ease.No wonder, then, friends continually come to you for advice and approval on the right thing to do. Being forever on best behavior has enriched your own life too, making you promotable, loveable - a regular on everybody's A list for party invitations.

2.Borderline Brat
You know what's proper and decent, dear girl. Still, you can be a bit of a slouch - often to finesse life's more awkward moments ( a hostess who misintroduces you as a beau's ex-girlfriend, for example). Why not take this hint? The next time you hear mummy's voice in the back of your head tsk-tsk-ing a potential faux pas, listen. A touch more polish could land you a second date with that rockstar-to-be.

3.Total PIG!
Julia Robert in Pretty Woman may have had the luxury of a table-manners tutor, but finding one of your own seems unlikely - especially  as most polite company prefer to stay a discreet  distance away from you. The first step to more refined ways? Learning to show others the same courtesy you'd like them to show you, Investing in a comprehensive etiquette book should also help add some class to your act! 


How to be genuinely happy for others!

Secretly wish you had what your friend has, or that she didn't have everything? Kick the nasty jealousy and turn it into admiration and self-improvement.

  •  Learn to recognize when you're feeling jealous.
  • Take a deep breath and ask yourself whether being jealous will achieve anything.
  • Stop viewing people as threats or rivals; see them as equal.
  • Show interest in others' success; ask questions and take their advice.
  • Remind yourself of your of your good qualities.
  • Set some short-term goals and reward yourself as you achieve each one.
  • Learn from your blunders.
  • Be thankful for what you have.