SMART REPORT- Instant Career Makeover

Have absolutely no idea what job you should do, or where your career's headed? Don't stress, everyone had a "What the hell am I going to do with my life?" freak out. "What you enjoy doing is what you should be doing for a living," says Sally O'Keefe, author of Career Girl: Get The Job You Love. You should want to do your job even if you weren't getting paid for it. You have all the skills you need to have a successful and fantastic career, you just need to work out what jobs suit your personal attributes best," How? It's all about this five-steps plan:

1. Keep a career diary and write down all the things that interest you. If a magazine story about charities jumps out, jot that down. If you see an ad on TV that you can relate to, make a not of it.

2. Do your quiz and start thinking about your best qualities, skills and strengths. Which ones can you utilize in your career? There are heaps of personality test on the Net-Try www.quintcareers.com or www.monster.com.

3. Check out www.jobsdb.com for a full lists of careers. There are a ton of jobs you may never have heard of, but one of them could be totally perfect for you. Like what, you ask? Let's say you enjoy working with food and people. Have you considered a career as a dietitian? Perhaps you like kids and reading. How about children's book editing? Creative and addicted to the Web? Maybe a career in website design is the way to go.

4. Research, research, research. Talk to people in your desired industry. Find out what training you need and whether any of your experience is an asset. And click on www.careerpress.com - it offers books on all kinds of industries, from finance to teaching to accounting with stacks of info to help you embark on a career in that field.

5. Do work experience. Volunteering your time (and being prepared to do anything, from opening mail to coffee runs), will provide knowledge about the industry, and could even help you land a job.

HELLO, dream job? Where are you?
If job hunting is in your too-hard basket, you'd better get it out again. Here's how to find a top job, fast...

>>>Work hurdle 1:
" I don't have any experience"
Get Over it: Companies say they're often prepared to sacrifice formal formal qualifications for a positives, can-do attitude," says Christina Bucci, a career consultant. "So while some job ads may specify tertiary education, if candidate can demonstrate transferable skills, then they should submit their application."

>>> Work hurdle 2:
"There are no jobs out there for me."
Get over it: Career web have more than 100,000 position advertised. "With the unemployment rate on the decrease, it's definitely a job seeker's market," says one headhunter. "If you're thinking about changing jobs o starting a career, there's never been a better time."

>>> Work hurdle 3:
"I don't have time to look"
Get over it: Most career websites have a "job mail" facility. This allows you to get daily updates of available jobs via email. Perfect the time-deprived!

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