After Get Dumped - Surviving The 1st 24 Hours

You're a mess - your nerves are shot, you're eyes are puffy and you just can't stop thinking about the fact that he's dumped you. Here's how to make it through the first day.

1.Have a long, lanquid candlelit bath, buy your favourite takeaway or go shopping for a great new lipstick to boost your spirits a little.

2.In something that makes you feel good - track pants and tears are not good combo.

3.Or if you and your flatmate get on well ask if she wouldn't mind staying in so that have some company. Do something like watch a funny DVD or play board games - try not to spend all night talking about him.

4.If you think he's led you on or know he's been unfaithful, don't call him or he might hang up in your ear. Instead, pour your feelings out in a letter - you'll feel much lighter for getting all the things you wanted to say to him off your chest without being interrupted or sidelined.

5.Off everything he did that was annoying off-putting -it'll help you realise he wasn't so great after all.

6.Don't slip into negative self-talk such as "I'll never find the right guy". Instead, focus on the positives - you can stay in the bathroom as long as you like and play your CDs without him complaining. Remind yourself that he's done you a favour - by making you free for the right relationship when it comes along.

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