7 things you didn't know men find SEXY

The way you...

1. Tuck your hair behind your ear.

2. Widen your eyes applying mascara.

3. Unknowingly pout when trying on clothing.

4. Laugh at our dumb jokes that don't deserve this reaction.

5. End a call because we're on the other line.

6. Unfavourably compare your friend's boyfriend with us.

7. Hug us from behind.


rob said...

i think girls would find your site useful. keep it up.

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Qumang said...

Thanks Rob. I love to share it with all women over the world. Who knows some might encountering the same problem.

Thanks for dropping by.

Phil R said...

Men and women are just so different but its no ones fault - this I know but it is still interesting to read from a womens perspective. It would be a boring world if we were all the same.
Keep it coming


Thanks for visiting my site yesterday by the way - you where my first commenter!

Qumang said...

Thanks Phil, You absolutely right. This all thing can be happened to guy too.. If not then we the women will never heard man said, "NO WOMAN, NO CRY"

Ehehe.. Peace!