A Man’s World!

Has the world of makeup opened up to the less refined gender? Lately it’s difficult to tell where the trends are going. While skin care regimes and salon hair products used to only be found in a woman’s medicine cabinet, this is no longer the case. This expanding beauty craze is only growing stronger. Especially since makeup is no longer exclusive.

Are you one of those new-age men who dab a little concealer over a razor bump or blemish? Well, if you are, you’re certainly not alone. If you take a gander at the current gargantuan cosmetic market these days, you’ll soon notice that makeup for men in becoming rather normal. Let’s face it; it was bound to happen. For the past decade at least, males have been indulging in the benefits of skin care products. From gentle cleansers, to nighttime moisturizers, to fine eye creams; men simply can’t get enough.

In more recent times, men have turned over a new leaf. They want to look nice, and whether women admit it or not, they want their men to look spiffy. This is why men are testing the makeup waters. From concealers, to powders, even to eyeliners, men’s makeup is making its way into modern society. Especially younger generations are dabbling with the concept in order to look nicer.

If you think about it, men’s grooming products aren’t anything new. Fine aftershaves and shaving creams have been around for quite awhile. What about the face and body bronzers? Men definitely aren’t strangers to this scene. With the age of fashion at hand, and a continuous focus on image, men are simply evolving with the years. So much more is becoming acceptable for both genders as time moves forward.

Regardless of your personal preference, or viewpoint on the growing trend of makeup for men, one thing is for sure; it’s not going to fade out. Too many contemporary males are rolling with the times of change. That blotchy skin or annoying zit, no longer has to draw so much unwanted attention until it finally goes away. Men everywhere are choosing to adapt better grooming habits. While taking good care of your skin with quality products is imperative, not everyone wants to flash those minor imperfections with grace. Instead, the trend of male makeup is flourishing. Many of the traditional gender roles and routines are slowly morphing together and applying to both sexes. Although certain things will always remain the same, some gender barriers were just meant to be broken.

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