What Kind Of Spender Am I?

1) The Extravagant Spender. The one who always picks up the tab at the hippest joints and has the latest gadgets. Money meant power to you. DOWNSIDE: Others see you as a "show off" or take your generousity for granted. It's hard for you to find true friends. CHANGE: If you're gonna foot the bill, make sure it's for a special occasion to celebrate or treat the person with an occasion to celebrate - not their entire entourage.

2) The Overboard Giver. Someone who often splurges on lavish gifts for others. Money means gaining acceptance from others. DOWNSIDE: You can send the wrong message - that you're overeager to please or have ulterior motives. CHANGE: Give simple yet tasteful gifts, but only when there's an occasion. Small gestures will often do, such as baking brownies.

3) The Self-Centered Spender. You spend beyond your means buying the best of everything. Money may mean you can buy self-worth. :DOWNSIDE You keep buying bigger and better things to make yourself better. CHANGE: Control your spending but give yourself a small reward once in a while for your progress.

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