THE NEW CORPORATE GAMES - What's Going On In The Career World Today?

We're discovers how the corporate culture of companies isn't how it used to be. People forget that the higher you climb, the harder your job becomes. There'll be more people to deal with, more responsibilities to look into, and more challenges to face up to. To survive this would be by having to make more mistake and to trudge through more sticky situations, so you need to be brave.

1) Back in the 80s, successful career women were as stiff as the power suits they wore.

2) In fact, the mainstream attire pretty much personified how women are suppose to think, be and act.

3) Thankfully, over the years, thing have changed. Today, the challenge for women has little to do with how we project ourselves physically, rather it's more a mental feat - and it's not easy.

4) For one, success no longer means adding digits to your pay cheque, instead it's knowing how to balance your sanity and stress levels.

5) It's also making the decisions that are right for you , even if it means saying no to a promotion in exchange for a family or less stress.

6) The corporate culture has changed - and like it or not, you need to know the rules in order to cope.

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