Do you have a good manners?

Because polite people won't tell you you're rude. Find out if you're more brat than debutante.

1.Social Light
You're no need of further refinement. Deftly using decorum to manoeuvre yourself through all shorts of tight spots, you have an uncanny way of putting anybody at ease.No wonder, then, friends continually come to you for advice and approval on the right thing to do. Being forever on best behavior has enriched your own life too, making you promotable, loveable - a regular on everybody's A list for party invitations.

2.Borderline Brat
You know what's proper and decent, dear girl. Still, you can be a bit of a slouch - often to finesse life's more awkward moments ( a hostess who misintroduces you as a beau's ex-girlfriend, for example). Why not take this hint? The next time you hear mummy's voice in the back of your head tsk-tsk-ing a potential faux pas, listen. A touch more polish could land you a second date with that rockstar-to-be.

3.Total PIG!
Julia Robert in Pretty Woman may have had the luxury of a table-manners tutor, but finding one of your own seems unlikely - especially  as most polite company prefer to stay a discreet  distance away from you. The first step to more refined ways? Learning to show others the same courtesy you'd like them to show you, Investing in a comprehensive etiquette book should also help add some class to your act! 


Anamika said...

Good manners are the first mark of good breeding and reflect directly on a person's upbringing and make a lasting and favorable impression on people.I like to believe that I have good manners.

bing said...

i believe i do, too, following the precept that you do not do what you do not want others do unto you.