5 hints he's gonna put a ring on it!

He's been acting strange lately? His awkward behaviour may just be pre-proposal jitters! Here are more clues:

  1. He's ultra-helpful! A sudden interest in your fave brand of bedsheets is him trying to prove he's hubby material. Before he pops the question, he'll subconsciously try to show off his domestic side so you see him as a potential husband.
  2. He talk himself up. It's instinctual for men to be breadwinners even if you have a great career and income level. He'll frequently point out his abilities in the weeks leading up to the proposal such as casual hints regarding his upcoming ginormous bonus.
  3. He behaves like you've just started dating. Planning a proposal reignites that new love buzz for most men similar to when he first fell for you. It could be flowers and elaborate dates for no reason at all!
  4. He quizzes you. If he's been asking random questions, e.g. your fave childhood memory, he may be gathering info to plan the perfect proposal! Not only does he want it to be special, he know your friends will ask, 'How did he do'?
  5. He's into the details. Even if he's positive you'll say yes, he's still terrified of pulling off the feat. If he freaks out about being on time for dinner, or he's borderline aggressive when he insists you order champagne, it's possible he's got something sparkly up his sleeve or in his pocket! 

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