Why Women CHEAT?

Is it the thrill of the forbidden escape from a mundane relationship that lures women into betraying their partners?. Would you be at risk of cheating? Are you sure? Would it mark the beginning of the end for your relationship or is your relationship already on the way out if you are considering fling? Confessing an affair rarely helps assuage your guilt about your infidelity. Sometimes discretion is more helpful than disclosure.

Critical life events, professional crises or personal vulnerabilities can leave women more vulnerable to an affair. Common stressors that can lead a woman to cheat on her partner include:

1.A shift in status, such as getting promotion at work or starting a new course.

2.Moving to a new area with few friends nearby.

3.Personal failure, such as problems losing weight, conceiving a baby or the loss of a job.

4.Illness or an accident.

5.The death of someone close.

6.Times of transition, such as pregnancy, motherhood or starting a more demanding job that may leave you feeling insecure.


Lina Gustina said...

Nice post. As a woman, whatever the reason is,I don't agree with cheating. It's a very careless thing to do!

estafema said...

We have the same stand when it comes to cheating. Always be discreet. You can read my post about this in this link http://thoughts-at-the-moment.blogspot.com/search/label/Love%2FSex%2FMarriage

Thanks for following. I already returned the favor.

Nodami said...

No to cheat even to men hehhehe. I think your article speaks the truth if not the whole then maybe a part of truth. I think even male could have also that factor to cheat.

FaYe said...


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