Are you caught in a career "cul de sac"?

You drag yourself into the office each morning and count the minutes till the day is OVER. Should you stay in your job or is time to GO?

How to go-Gracefully
So you've decided to resign; here's how to make the break without being booed out of the office:

1.Don't use your resignation as an opportunity to tell your colleagues what you really think of them. You never know when you may work with, or for them again.

2.Do thank your boss for her/his help and guidance during your at the company. It's a small gesture that she/he will remember when it's time to write your reference.
3.Do volunteer to help find your replacement and to train her/his up before you leave.
4.Don't slack off. Sure, your heart may not be in it, but you're still getting paid to do the best job possible. What a better way to leave a position lasting impression?
5.Don't suddenly come down with a mysterious illness during your last few days on the job.
6.Do remember that a bad attitude before your departure can undo years of good work.


nativa said...

Very important tips.

minnie_madz said...

Nice pieces of advice. I have done #2 in my previous work. I even gave my supervisor a gift before I leave :)

evilsquirrel01 said...

thanks so much for this. It's true one bad deed can undo years of hard work! Great post!

Anonymous said...

i always believe that one should behave the same way when they enter or leave an company, take life easy & no hard feelings