Online JOB Scam alert!

Looking for a job online? Beware of scam artists who are now posting phoney recruitment ads on reputable job search sites to get your MONEY or your IDENTITY. Heed these red flags:

Requires money upfront. Unless you're starting your own business, you should not have to invest any money on a job. Also don't give out any personal financial details over the phone or via email. Scammers will sometimes try to get your info as soon as you respond to their ads. One tactic is requiring direct deposit into upfront. An employers need your time and skills, not your money.

Makes outrageous claims. Don't bother with ads that offer high income for little or no experience. For example, $2000 per week to fill envelopes is a sure scam. A legit employer aims to narrow responses by detailing requisite skills and experience.

Contact is a public email. Avoid job ads that list contact under free account like Yahoo! or Hotmail. These services can be used anonymously which is what scam artistes prefer. If you get a respond by phone, never give out personal or financial details. An employer can find more about you during an interview. If the representative pressures you to do business over the phone, refuse and hang up.

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