CAREER COACH: Business Babble

Understanding corporate-speak can feel a little like learning a foreign language. Here are some common phrase you should know:

Core competency: The thing or the organization are good at.

Disconnect: A misunderstanding or breakdown in communication.

Drill down: Get more information and elaborate on the details.

Smell test: Looking into an idea or product to see it really does have good potential.

I'm crashing and burning: I'm busy

We need more headcount: More people are needed to get the job done.

Brain dump: Getting down information that's in your head - whether to handover a job to someone or brainstorm for new ideas.

Value-add: The idea or product or person is a good thing for the company.

Up-selling: Selling something to a client or customer that they don't really need.

Take it off-line: Talk amongst yourself about it later.

Low-hanging fruits: Easy openings or opportunities for new business.

Cubicled: To get demoted

Circle back: Get back to me.

Drink from the fire-host: To learn as much as possible about the subject in only a short period of time (this used to be called "getting up to speed")

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