Why Money and Friendships DO NOT MiX?

You have your money and you friend,
You loan your money to your friend,
You ask your money from your friend,
You lose your money and your friend

Need a quick way to end a friendship? Just ask her for a loan! Many a long friendship has ended because of money, but how can you avoid it?

When it comes to money, everyone's got problems. There is just too little of the nasty stuff to go around - no matter how much we have, we always seem to be able to find new, creative ways of spending it all and needing more. Make no mistake about it: money can corrupt and ruin everything it touches.. including friendships.

Money does not care whether you are a borrower or lender, a buyer or a seller, a giver or a taker - as long as you need it (and who does not?), you are corruptible.

This doesn't make you a mean person, just human. As a lender, you hate having to ask for your money back; as a borrower, you feel ashamed for being unable to repay it. Either way, bad blood has come into the friendship.. and thus the problems begin. Money and friendships simply do not mix.

What's it worth?
We like to equate the strength of our friendships with whether or not we can freely lend money to each other, and we are often wrong. We underestimate how important money is to other people. We think that our needs, our "emergencies", are more important than theirs.. which, whilst sounding selfish, is also completely true.

A good friendship is worth a lot. The question you need to ask yourself before lending or borrowing money is, "How valuable Is The Friendship To You?"

If it is worth more than the money being ask for, then don't give or take the money. Your friendship will survive. And so you.


Desmond said...

Enda ku minjau duit Qumang... mnjau Kredit Kard ulih?

Qumang said...

Ehehe.. Nya meh. Na alah lenyau kaban ketegal minjau duit. Nggai ku meri credit card, # ATM ulih, angka bc lebih tau isi kia.