Watch out these pitfalls of single life before they ruin you!
Alcohol-induced dating

If you find the only way you can feel good about being on a date with someone new is by having two - or five - glasses of wine, beware: You may get his body for a few nights, but you'll never capture his heart. You'll dive to the bottom of your next chardonnay in search of an answer to your loneliness, and before you know it, you'll find you don't want a man after all - a bottle of red wine is what you'll need.

Gift splurges
If your credit card statement says you're spending too much on fancy ties, cufflinks and gadgets, it's probably right.. especially if they are all for someone else. There is wisdom in The Beatles' advice: "Money Can't Buy Me Love."

If he's on drugs and wants you to "share the fun", that's an invitation to madness. Drugs are one-way road to misery, no matter how euphoric that first communal companionship is.

Free SEX
Sharing your bed with an unreasonable number of men runs you the risk of contracting all kind of horrible sexually-transmitted diseases (STD), not to mention earning you the labels "Free Sex Here!" on your forehead. Make love responsibly, and you'll be love and return.

Misery love company
How's your circle of friends? If you find that your best pals are all losers, it may be because all of you share this in common: A fear of loneliness. Break away from this group, even if it means losing all your friends and starting over, because they never let you move forward alone.



Desmond said...

Wah...Misery love company.... u r leaving us? Hehehehe... Free Sx? Agree... jangan terlampau...

Reggy said...

Terlampau tu, biarlah berpada-pada..Say no to free sex! Peace to the World!